5 Irritating Questions New Mothers Are Asked Often

As a new mother, just as you begin to take on the challenge of raising a baby, the first roadblocks along the way are thrown up by people raising questions and comments that are supposedly well-meaning but highly difficult to deal with. All in the name of wishing well, they don’t end up making us feel too well.   If you are a new mother, here are a few things that will surely come your way, listed in order:

Winning the Weaning Game

Weaning is an emotional decision. The emotions run from high and wild to sombre and low. There are babies who are totally ready for it, but most babies make a fuss about it. An average Indian baby is weaned at 1 year, but many do stretch it way beyond that. Mothers stay exhausted and babies aggressive through this whole cycle of weaning.

A Fix for Netflix?

We have come a long way in our television viewing experience. Or maybe not. Indian television still produces high-pitched ‘not-so-original’ dramas and tear-jerking soaps, and there are still viewers for that in this day and age. We all are guilty of watching a soap or two half-heartedly, but then we do consume whatever is served. Why do we do what we do when we have a highly evolved series and shows on Netflix and Amazon Primes of the world. What is our guilty pleasure? Let’s break it down, the Indian psyche for you, and what might prompt more viewers to consume the new age (online subscription-based) content.

Do Your Brands Really Speak to You?

The ‘brand’ evolved from a mere claim of ownership to what is now defined as a set of perceptions that defines an entity. Over time, those who were entrusted with managing brands began to create personas for them, and stories to match these personas. When the personas needed to be bolstered, they even brought in celebrity ambassadors whose job it was to help consumers identify with the brand by humanizing it.